Well said! Simple to understand and straight to the point.

I find it amusing that many comments keep trying to complicate the simplicity you laid out. LOL

I would love to see a follow up piece that posits a series of challenging questions for each category that makes people stop in their tracks and have to reflect on their thinking (and actions).

So a few months ago while doing my daily scan of LinkedIn messages and posts, this post was in my main feed and immediately caught my attention. Based on my observations of how different countries had reacted to the first wave of Covid-19 over the summer of 2020, I had…

When/Where started: MAR 2019 — Manila

How do (or even should) you blog about an online course?

Most of my articles on Linkedin or posts on Medium or vids on YT are about specific points or concepts related to teaching or learning, but not really selling anything. This was the first time I was trying to…

When/Where started: APR 2019 — Manila

Though I am writing these challenges in a linear numerical format, many of them were taking place simultaneously. I was moving the 5_STAR into Udemy shortly after I had prototyped a lesson in SkillShare. The consulting was also in full swing at this time Feb 2019.

After some freelance portal…

When/Where started: FEB 2019 — Manila

Since I started blogging specifically about learning/teaching philosophy on a fairly regular basis in the Spring of 2016, I began to see my LinkedIn connections really begin to grow. I went from 2,500 connections in early 2016 to pushing 25,000 in May 2020. …

When/Where started: MAR 2019 — Manila

This was an extremely cool add-on project to the portfolio (Challenge #2). Hearing about ‘Easter eggs’ in different movies or video games really intrigued me so I decided to try and add it to my DLD (Digital Learning Design) eBOOK portfolio.

Unfortunately I had no idea how to do this…

When/Where started: FEB 2019 — Manila

Readers following this series may be a bit confused with me stating “eBOOK Completed” in the title so I will pull a few loose threads together to form a more coherent picture.

When/Where started: FEB 2019 — Manila

Not sure about your experience, but over the last few years as I read bogs, tweets and watched Youtube, I was beginning to see a rather disturbing trend. …

When/Where started: FEB 2019- Manila

Around mid-March (2019) I finally got all the videos for Project 1 of ID-4-edu (Indesign for Educators) finished. ALL 3.5 hours of it! It was broken up into different modules and learning blocks as it was designed to be a step-by-step ‘how to make your own portfolio’ series. …

Jeff Carter

Learning Architect / Freelance Educationist

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