#JohnWick_77_Challenge #12: WIZARD PAGE in Portfolio

When/Where started: MAR 2019 — Manila

This was an extremely cool add-on project to the portfolio (Challenge #2). Hearing about ‘Easter eggs’ in different movies or video games really intrigued me so I decided to try and add it to my DLD (Digital Learning Design) eBOOK portfolio.

Unfortunately I had no idea how to do this in InDesign! Specifically, I didn’t know how to disable the manual page navigation. in other words, how to make it so you can get to a specific page(s) ONLY by interactive Links.

I decided to embed a few small rollover Easter eggs on certain pages in the portfolio that would take you to what I was calling the ‘Wizard room’. [view video here]

Why do this?

Because I wanted to exporea number of new ideas for future projects:

-digital books (Challenge #11)

-discover learning (Id-4-Edu coming in June 2020)

-Talking textbooks (Id-u-Edu coming in JUly 2020)

This project was really cool because it also took me into Adobe Audition where I was playing around with my voice, other voices, the auto voice, and text to voice ideas I want to figure out how to incorporate into project 3 of Id-4-Edu. Project 3 includes sections about setting up text narration for younger learners in an eBook.

ACTION POINT: What unusual voice effects have you found work great with young learners?

More background about the #JohnWick_77_Challenge.

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