#JohnWick_77_Challenge #5: 5_STAR Workshop

In late 2017 I created a draft of an eBook that I am classifying as a ‘training novel’ or novella. in other words how would you take a bunch of case studies and/or actual events and turn them into an engaging story with interactive elements, instead of doing it as a basic case study.

The purpose of the book, apart from being able to instil exemplary customer service practices based on an amazing piece of research, was to possibly turn it into a business venture. The idea of actually holding the workshops that are portrayed in the book jazzed me. Thus my fifth project was actually to create what these workshops from the book would actually look like in the real world. More importantly, the workshops became the framework for what would become the 5_STAR Customer Service training course. (Challenge #6)

The setting of the story is in the Philippines because there’s all kinds of different customer service examples there, including massive numbers of call centers. The characters are a composite of people I met over the six year I worked there in different areas of the country. The four main characters are Filipinos from different backgrounds and industries, and two of them just happen to be from the LGBTQ community.

Yes I had created many workshops over the years, but what made this project unique was the internal back and forth from the book storyline to workshop ideas in order to keep things as congruent as possible. This meant content, flow and posters as outlined in the book.

Thoughts, comments and any info about similar challenges you have undertaken are always appreciated.



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